Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sara's Barbie Birthday Bash

This past Sunday we had a swim/bbq/barbie birthday bash for Sara's 6th birthday! We had over thirty family and friends here to help celebrate our sweet baby's day! So great to see everyone. The kids had fun playing "pin the sunglasses on Barbie", swimming, pulling down the pinata and eating lots of yummy food! We had special cake pops made for her and everyone loved them. She had the best time handing them out to everyone. She got lots of Barbie stuff, squinkies and as she would say " adorable" clothes! Parties are always so much work, but so worth the memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soccer star and Birthday girl

Last weekend Madelyn had her first tournament for the competitive soccer team she is on. It was up in Flagstaff and happened to be on Sara's 6th birthday. We were lucky enough to stay with my parents at the cabin for the weekend and celebrate Sara's bday too. Jason's parents came up and stayed with us. It was so much fun and we are HOOKED on this team!!!!!
Jason giving Madelyn a pep talk and doing their good luck handshake.

We had a break between two games on Saturday and went to the park for lunch in the woods! We sang happy bday to Sara and had

They won three out of the four games!!! She is goalie. The coaches and other parents are so happy with her addition to the team. It really makes us proud. She even blocked all the penalty kicks!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Cards!!!!

We started a new family tradition this weekend! We took the girls to their first NFL game. We called it the French family four tailgaters. It was too hot to actually tailgate, so we picked up Barros Pizza for dinner:) We were worried that Sara would not have very much fun, but we were wrong. She was dancing in the isles and cheering. As long as she had something to eat, she was good. We left after third quarter and it was just enough. We have season tickets, but with another couple and they were nice enough to let us use their seats for this game.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First and Third

So just like all of the other parents out there, we are shocked at how fast their little lives are going!!!!!!!! My baby is in first grade this year and it seems harder for me then when she started Kindergarten. She seemed really nervous when it was time to stand in line and go into the classroom. She is usually so social. I think she was just unsure of what to expect. We have been really prepping her that first grade is much different. It must have just hit her at that moment. Her teacher seems really nice and she must have seen Sara clinging to Jason and I. She came up and asked her to be her helper and hold the sign at the front of the line with the teachers name on it. She loved that idea.
What can I say about miss Madelyn? She is growing too fast too, literally. She is so tall and is such a great kid. We did not have to do any prepping with her. She came right home and did her reading and assignments without skipping a beat. Third grade seems so old to me.

We have walked them to school on the first day every year so far. I am not sure how long they will let us keep doing this, but it is a nice way to start the year.
Big girl Sara:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy June

It is catch up time! Ever since school got out it has been a blur. The week before school ended the girls school had a "Night at the Museum." Each class did a different time period. Sara's class was the Pilgrams and Indians. She is showing Jason all the stuff she learned and what is was like to be a kid back then:)

Madelyn was from the pioneer days. I took a picture her project. She wrote about Ben Franklin. Her cursive is so good for her being in second grade. She had better handwriting then me in first grade!

Sara was one of few who got an award from the principle for attendance. She was so excited to get called up in front of the school. (at least this time was a good trip to the principle)
This is here teacher Mrs. Bunish. She is getting her character award for friendliness. (She was so friendly, she got in trouble for talking most of the time)
Madelyn got a national award in language skills. You could only miss one or two to get one of these.
Her teacher Mrs. Risser. She just LOVED her!
Memorial weekend we had a surprise party for Jason's mom. she retired from teaching and it was her birthday. We surprised her with her youngest son coming in from the army too! It was really fun!
Her three sons and grand kids.
This year we decided to get season passes to Wet n Wild. It is practically walking distance from our house. We went for the first time a couple weeks ago and It is awesome! We will get our use out of these passes for sure.

Then this past weekend we went up to my parents cabin for Father's Day. We so look forward to these times up at the cabin. The girls are getting so many great memories and experiences. They already have lists of what they want to do first when they get there.
Sara modeling the neck less she made:)

Of course a trip to the park.

We made breakfast for my dad and jason on Father's Day. They couldn't wait to give their homemade cards and gifts!

We left them up there for a couple weeks for VBS and Madelyn is going to be in a drama camp. What are we doing without kids for that long you ask...........getting new flooring in the entire house. Holy s#$t, I feel like we are moving and our house is a disaster! It will all be worth it, that's what I keep telling myself!