Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Madelyn loses her first tooth

Madelyn went with Sara and I to Sara's three year well check. She was showing Dr. Nemivant how she has two teeth that are loose on the bottom with two teeth already growing in behind them. She looks like a shark. We have been wiggling that tooth for a month and nothing. All he has to say is "Can I try to pull it?" and she lets him. She would have never let us do that. She must really trust him. Anyway, a few drops of blood later she has her first tooth out and the tooth fairy has begun :)

Sara's third bday

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sara's "other" birthday

Sara's "other" birthday as she calls it was her actual birthday on Wednesday. Madelyn gave her a giant Dora body pillow. She loved it. As you can see she can never get enough of us singing happy birthday to her. We set up the camera for a timed photo so we could all be in the picture.

Sara's third birthday

Sara's third birthday was September 17th. She had a blast at her Dora party. Sara couldn't wait for everyone to arrive so she could show them her cake. She was thrilled that all of her family and friends came to help her celebrate. I have never seen such a little person enjoy their party so much! I know they say that they will probably not remember birthdays this young, but it is still worth seeing her have so much fun. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make such great memories for her!