Monday, September 27, 2010


We decided to take our first trip to Disneyland with the girls. It was beautiful weather and the lines were not that bad. It was Sara's fifth birthday while we were there and they had a blast. We picked them up from school on Wednesday and then open and closed the place on Thursday and Friday. Jason and I had not been since we were around 14 years old and boy have things changed( and stayed the same). We did all of the traditional rides we loved as children and found new things we got to experience for the first time with them. Truly memories for a lifetime. They were troopers and just wanted to go go go. Sara went on everything she could that she was tall enough for. Madelyn is our dare devil and went on all the roller coasters and scary rides with Jason and then I would go with her right after they got off. It worked out pretty good. I have prob. 180 pictures, so here are just some highlights :)