Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy June

It is catch up time! Ever since school got out it has been a blur. The week before school ended the girls school had a "Night at the Museum." Each class did a different time period. Sara's class was the Pilgrams and Indians. She is showing Jason all the stuff she learned and what is was like to be a kid back then:)

Madelyn was from the pioneer days. I took a picture her project. She wrote about Ben Franklin. Her cursive is so good for her being in second grade. She had better handwriting then me in first grade!

Sara was one of few who got an award from the principle for attendance. She was so excited to get called up in front of the school. (at least this time was a good trip to the principle)
This is here teacher Mrs. Bunish. She is getting her character award for friendliness. (She was so friendly, she got in trouble for talking most of the time)
Madelyn got a national award in language skills. You could only miss one or two to get one of these.
Her teacher Mrs. Risser. She just LOVED her!
Memorial weekend we had a surprise party for Jason's mom. she retired from teaching and it was her birthday. We surprised her with her youngest son coming in from the army too! It was really fun!
Her three sons and grand kids.
This year we decided to get season passes to Wet n Wild. It is practically walking distance from our house. We went for the first time a couple weeks ago and It is awesome! We will get our use out of these passes for sure.

Then this past weekend we went up to my parents cabin for Father's Day. We so look forward to these times up at the cabin. The girls are getting so many great memories and experiences. They already have lists of what they want to do first when they get there.
Sara modeling the neck less she made:)

Of course a trip to the park.

We made breakfast for my dad and jason on Father's Day. They couldn't wait to give their homemade cards and gifts!

We left them up there for a couple weeks for VBS and Madelyn is going to be in a drama camp. What are we doing without kids for that long you ask...........getting new flooring in the entire house. Holy s#$t, I feel like we are moving and our house is a disaster! It will all be worth it, that's what I keep telling myself!