Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday week

This has been a busy week! My birthday was on thursday and It was a nice low key day. I had coffee with my friend Jennifer and got to see her little girl Phoebe (who I delivered on my birthday last year). That night Madelyn had her end of the year soccer pizza party. We finished up the night with Dairy Queen ofcourse :) There is a picture of Madelyn starting early with helping daddy's business. She loves helping him. Maybe she will be our marketing girl! Jason and I had a nice night out on Saturday. Love date nights:) We finished up the week with a beautiful day at the Railroad park with his family. Love this time of year!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dance, Tumbling, Soccer.....

So much fun has been going on around here in the last two months that I have not been able to keep up on life let alone blogging! Jason and Madelyn went to their first Daddy/Daughter dance and had a great time. She did not want him to see her before the dance as she was getting ready like she was a bride she said. The picture of Madelyn and Sara on the bed I just love. They are hanging out on a lazy Sunday listening to music and just enjoying being together although they are totally into their own thing. Sara is loving her tumbling classes. She got invited to one of her friends birthday parties from her preschool and was so excited to go to a party for one of HER friends. It was nice to go just with her and see her in her own group of friends. Madelyn's soccer team won first place in the end of the season tournament and it was such an exciting time. Jason and I are so proud of her. This was her first year playing and she has improved so much. The best part is that she is having fun and she gets special time with daddy out practicing as often as they can.