Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sara's Barbie Birthday Bash

This past Sunday we had a swim/bbq/barbie birthday bash for Sara's 6th birthday! We had over thirty family and friends here to help celebrate our sweet baby's day! So great to see everyone. The kids had fun playing "pin the sunglasses on Barbie", swimming, pulling down the pinata and eating lots of yummy food! We had special cake pops made for her and everyone loved them. She had the best time handing them out to everyone. She got lots of Barbie stuff, squinkies and as she would say " adorable" clothes! Parties are always so much work, but so worth the memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soccer star and Birthday girl

Last weekend Madelyn had her first tournament for the competitive soccer team she is on. It was up in Flagstaff and happened to be on Sara's 6th birthday. We were lucky enough to stay with my parents at the cabin for the weekend and celebrate Sara's bday too. Jason's parents came up and stayed with us. It was so much fun and we are HOOKED on this team!!!!!
Jason giving Madelyn a pep talk and doing their good luck handshake.

We had a break between two games on Saturday and went to the park for lunch in the woods! We sang happy bday to Sara and had

They won three out of the four games!!! She is goalie. The coaches and other parents are so happy with her addition to the team. It really makes us proud. She even blocked all the penalty kicks!