Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I think this year was the most fun so far with our girls. I will probably say that every year though. We had a great time with them opening presents and living the magic of Christmas morning all over again. Sara loved her Dora bike from Santa and Madelyn is set with her Barbie alarm clock and boom box. Ofcourse we had some home made gifts from Madelyn that were so special (she made me bath salts and candles in science club). It was fun to see how excited they were to watch us open our presents too. Then we were off to Nana and Poppies for brunch and more Christmas fun. We loved the rain and wished it was snow, but we will take it. After a few hours we went to my sister's for my side of the family. They had a wonderful prime rib dinner for all 20 of us! My dad did his Santa bag gifts for all of the grandchildren. We had a very long day, but loved every minute of it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Polar Express

We made it to Polar Express! We were really worried about the weather but by the time we got up there it had stopped snowing and the roads were pretty clear. There was tons of snow to play in and we had an absolute blast! It was as close to a real White Christmas as we are going to have. It was so fun to experience it with the girls. Really takes you back to when you were a kid and the magic of believing.

Polar Express

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Busy December

This month is flying by! December 6th was Jason's 35th birthday. We celebrated with the family and then I surprised him with a night away at the Royal Palms resort. It was so romantic and beautiful. We ate at the restaurant there T Cooks and they prepared a special dessert for him.

Madelyn had a holiday dance performance and she is still loving it for now. She is so serious trying not to make a mistake :)

I love the pictures of the girls under the dinning room table. They are playing so nice together lately. They took all of their pillows, stuffed animales and blankets and made a special play area. At first all I could think of was how long it was going to take to put everything back, then I realized how great it was that they were enjoying eachother so much and using their imagination.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Big Bear

We had a great time in the mountains. We were there from Wednesday to Sunday. Our time was filled with walks, crafts, horsin around, eating, drinking :), scrappin, playing cards and just being thankful for the love and family that we are so lucky to have. Santa made a visit too and the kids loved that. The men cleaned up after Turkey dinner and I got some funny pictures. The girls are at a great age (finally) for road trips. Everything went so smoothly with our travels. Something else to be thankful for!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving 2008