Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I think this year was the most fun so far with our girls. I will probably say that every year though. We had a great time with them opening presents and living the magic of Christmas morning all over again. Sara loved her Dora bike from Santa and Madelyn is set with her Barbie alarm clock and boom box. Ofcourse we had some home made gifts from Madelyn that were so special (she made me bath salts and candles in science club). It was fun to see how excited they were to watch us open our presents too. Then we were off to Nana and Poppies for brunch and more Christmas fun. We loved the rain and wished it was snow, but we will take it. After a few hours we went to my sister's for my side of the family. They had a wonderful prime rib dinner for all 20 of us! My dad did his Santa bag gifts for all of the grandchildren. We had a very long day, but loved every minute of it.

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