Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sock Hop

Last week we went up to my parents cabin in Munds Park for five glorious cool days. Life slows down and relaxing sets in. We went to the park for picnics, swimming at the country club (which by the way is so cool because the pool is surrounded by the pine trees, golf course and mountains) and rode bikes until dark. The hightlight was the annual 50's Sock Hop. Yes I said Sock Hop. Bet you all wished you could have gone :) Anyway, after I got over all of the white t shirts and tennis shoes I actually had fun. The girls had a blast dancing and learning the two step, twist and how to do the limbo. I always loved dancing with my daddy and Madelyn is just like me. Papa and Jason were dancing nonstop with her.

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Rissy Roo said...

I love how much your girls love their guys! Just precious!