Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Pictures

Madelyn does not like her picture this year, but I ofcourse think it is beautiful no matter what! She said they were giving her too many instructions on how to tilt her head. Funny how early they care about what they look like.
My baby is not a baby anymore! It's official. Here is her "Junior Kindergarten" picture. I am so proud of her. She came home this week with her first sight words book from school and is so excited to be "reading." Everyone keeps saying how fast things go and all I can do is try to enjoy every exhausting moment!

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The Montoyas said...

I am pretty sure that I have that same school picture where they made tilt my head all weird and I didn't like how it turned out either! You are beautiful no matter how you tilt your head Madelyn! And that Sara is as cute as ever!