Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First and Third

So just like all of the other parents out there, we are shocked at how fast their little lives are going!!!!!!!! My baby is in first grade this year and it seems harder for me then when she started Kindergarten. She seemed really nervous when it was time to stand in line and go into the classroom. She is usually so social. I think she was just unsure of what to expect. We have been really prepping her that first grade is much different. It must have just hit her at that moment. Her teacher seems really nice and she must have seen Sara clinging to Jason and I. She came up and asked her to be her helper and hold the sign at the front of the line with the teachers name on it. She loved that idea.
What can I say about miss Madelyn? She is growing too fast too, literally. She is so tall and is such a great kid. We did not have to do any prepping with her. She came right home and did her reading and assignments without skipping a beat. Third grade seems so old to me.

We have walked them to school on the first day every year so far. I am not sure how long they will let us keep doing this, but it is a nice way to start the year.
Big girl Sara:)


The Montoyas said...

Great pictures of your beautiful girlies! I can't believe Sara is in 1st grade! I still remember the honor of being there when she was born! Time sure does fly!

Momma Cannon said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up! The girls are getting so big!!